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[06 Jan 2011|12:55pm]

FRIENDS ONLY! (basically)
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I LOVE YOU SO MUCH IT HURTS! [22 Sep 2009|12:54am]

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I AM A SAMURAI [25 Jan 2009|01:38pm]





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[16 Dec 2008|05:07am]
Documenting my first actual all nighter! Weee!

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Another One. [29 Mar 2008|05:26pm]
Dad: Yeah, you got a newsletter from UM. They were saying there's a crocodile in the lake. There was a picture of it just sitting on the grass by the-- what's the student union called?
Stacey: By the UC?
Dad: Yeah by the UC. They can't catch him, though.
Mom: Why not? He's too smart?
Dad: Yeah, he has a 75% scholarship.

Har har har, I love my daddy.
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This is our fate. [27 Mar 2008|06:11pm]
[ mood | getting dressed dancy mood ]

I am so fickle sometimes!

But I guess that makes me very easy to please.

The smallest things dictate my mood.


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Black. [12 Mar 2008|05:07pm]
[ mood | :) ]

The greenest trees you'll ever see
Are the ones in your mind.
And all the answers and the dreams
Will come to you in time.

Yeah, you are living life
The way you feel.

I know the world around you,
Everyone shares the sky.
You never see darkness,
You are the daylight.

Yeah, you are living life
The way you feel.

Go away with a smile.
Don't forget about your past.
Don't keep yourself from giving.
I am always watching you
Be yourself and stayin' true
'cause it makes me feel like life's worth living.

The way you feel.

I've never minded where you're going,
I know that change is part of you.
I'm not gonna hide anymore, I'm gonna listen to myself
And maybe one day I can be real too.

Yeah, you living life.
Yeah you are, you are living life.
Don't you know that you are living life.
The way you feel.
And that is real.

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I need you to save me, too. [21 Feb 2008|12:37am]
Sometimes I wonder if I think too much before I speak or act.

And though others with the opposite problem have always bothered me, I'm not sure which is worse.
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[13 Feb 2008|01:04am]
Stacey: "Dad, guess what? I went to Dover to see the White Cliffs and the castle, etc."
Dad: "Was Ben there?"
Stacey: "Who's Ben?"

I think it's clear where I got my sense of humor from.
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I listen to the wind, to the wind of my soul. [25 Jan 2008|03:07am]
[ mood | tired? ]

British people talk about America and Americans a lot. I think there's been some tie in to or mention of the United States in every class I've had so far, actually. A lot of comments about Americans have been seriously negative, though, or just inaccurate. There was one in my Discursive Psychology lecture today that just made me go "...what?".

So, the "lecturer" (they're not "professors" here) is talking about the use of signs and symbols as language. This guy is crazy, by the way. The whole class feels like a course in existentialism. We talk in circles about nothing and everything. He has this crazy laugh, too ("HAHAH... hmmm... HAHA... hmm, mmm..."); think Dr. Evil meets the hyenas from The Lion King.

Anyway, it's a Powerpoint lecture and he's showing us pictures of symbols. He shows us an error sign that would have appeared on an old school computer. It's an octagon with a hand on it (like the "stop" hand crossing guards give). He explains how even though it doesn't explicitly say it, most people will be able to gather what the symbol means just because of the context.

How do we know the symbol means "error" or something like it? A few reasons show up on the screen and one of them says something like "When pictures of hands are shown in America, they are often fat and chubby." Whaaaat? No one said anything, like that was a perfectly logical reason or like that even had anything to do with the argument.

I don't know, just a really long explanation of an observation.

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In a (purple) funk. [19 Nov 2007|04:26pm]
Umm, so I just had an advising appointment and found out I'm on track to graduate Fall 2008. WTF?!

I was told that if I decide to postpone graduation until Spring 2009 I'd get to spend Spring semester taking whatever 4 or 5 classes I want. Just... anything I'm interested in at all. I can't decide if that sounds really awesome or if I should spend that semester working or traveling or what.


Also, my life is weird this semester.
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[22 Oct 2007|09:13am]
I hate when the water in the shower is cold. Such a shitty way to start the day.
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Hold on! There's a hole in my heart. [25 Jul 2007|07:13pm]
I never posted pictures on Facebook from Greece but that's because (1) I never end up looking through all the pictures other people post of landscapes in foreign countries and (2) I have almost 500 pictures between my camera and my dad's. So I decided instead to post some here and write a little bit about the trip.

I bought these in the airport. They're called "cuddle socks" and they really came in handy because we were on a lot of cold planes and boats.

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Things keeping me happy/occupied lately: High School Musical, Hairspray, renewed interest in Broadway, Zac Efron (ha sort of), Shia LaBeouf, bike riding, The Format, organizing my room.

Other than that I've been pretty bored.
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I believe... [19 Apr 2007|11:25pm]
Life in April(ish)Collapse )
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Put your Y hat on. [16 Apr 2007|03:12pm]

The Flaming Lips show could not have been more perfect and incredible.

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You know? [14 Apr 2007|02:37am]
[ mood | tired but content ]

I don't ever want to be regular.

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I know that I left at the wrong time. [02 Sep 2006|10:30pm]

Don't care how, I want it now!Collapse )
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